Female Yemeni artists Making art in times of war Jeem is a new website for young, Arabic-speaking people, dealing with the topics “love, sexuality and society”. The idea was first conceived in , when the team at the Goethe-Institut in Cairo wanted to establish a digital project for youth in the region. This is an excerpt from an article by Afrah Nasser about four Yemeni artists who have been affected by war and displacement Contrary to what is commonly believed, namely that female artists work in a male dominated world and that their work is marginalised compared to the huge interest taken in men’s art work, in Yemen the situation is different. In my ten-year experience in covering Yemen, I saw women and men equally represented in the Yemeni art movement. All are marginalised and do not get any media attention, and their work and talent is not well or sufficiently documented. Making art is therapy Sara Ishaq is one of the most important Yemeni artists of the young generation who found their voice with the outbreak of the revolution in Yemen in

Goodbye things, hello minimalism: can living with less make you happier?

For many years Mali Wu has practiced participatory and community-based art, while Francesco Manacorda has developed a track record curating co-creative and process-based art projects. The Biennial will focus on the interconnectivity of ecosystemic structures formed between humans and nature, and aims to serve as a platform of social experimentation to generate new interdisciplinary possibilities for long-lasting, community-driven, bottom-up synergies.

The Taipei Biennial will take place from November 17, to March 10,

About Art – What Do We Really Mean. 45 min read; Design he returned to Chicago and tried his hand in the art and illustration scene. He enjoys making art and toys, and he has shown in fine galleries throughout the US and in Europe. I am a year-old half-Italian, half-German digital artist living and working in the city of Wuppertal.

A guitar and amplifier, covered with dust. Even a fabulous antique camera, which of course I had never once put a roll of film in. Meanwhile, I kept comparing myself with others. A friend from college lived in a posh condo on newly developed land in Tokyo. It had a glitzy entrance and stylish Scandinavian furniture. When I visited, I found myself calculating his rent in my head as he graciously invited me in.

What had happened, I thought? How did our lives drift so far apart? I bought lottery tickets, hoping I could catch up in a flash. All the while, I carefully hid my inferiority complex and acted as though there was nothing wrong with my life. But I was miserable, and I made other people miserable, too.

15+ Inspiring Wall Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

At least move to Spain with your eyes wide open — aware of all the negatives about living in Spain. Until I found out that often when people are burgled in Spain they are bound and gagged. The luckier ones are gassed.

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Accessories Art Walls Design How To Frames Make a Statement Jen Bekman, founder of the popular online art shop, 20x , finds that creating a gallery wall is the perfect way to make a personal statement at home. Mix paintings and photography, black-and-white and color and combine high and low pieces,” advises Bekman. Image courtesy of 20x Have Fun With the Layout Before placing your collection of pieces, Bekman suggests playing with a few layouts until you identify the best one for your gallery wall.

You can even use painters tape to outline the size of the wall to help you visualize. Take cell phone snaps of a few variations that you like as you go. To start, use two to four pieces hung in the center at the same height to establish your anchor or focal point and fill in from there.

Nov 27,  · This is match art. But nothing lasts forever and, after all, matches are made for burning, so I set it on fire and burn it down. As you can see, the result is spectacular.

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Smooth the fabric around to the back, stapling it at each side’s midpoint. Continue stapling from the center points outward, about every 3 inches. Fold one side neatly under the other; staple at each corner far left. Flip the door, and support it on upside-down paper cups. Using a roller, prime the surface and edges with gesso if using plywood, prime 1 inch border of underside, too. Remove staples, and flip the canvas.

Featuring art, art prints, paintings, photography, graphic design, typography and other forms of art by artists from around the world.

What Bio Art Is: A Manifesto Cypher is an artwork that merges sculpture, artist’s book and a DIY transgenic kit. It measures approximately 13 x 17 ” 33 x 43 cm and is contained in a stainless steel slipcase. The key poetic gesture in “Cypher” is to place in the hands of the viewer the decision and the power to literally give life to the artwork.

Commissioned by Rurart, France. The gene Kac selected is responsible for the identification of foreign bodies. In this work, it is precisely that which identifies and rejects the Other that the artist integrates into the Other, thus creating a new kind of self that is partially flower and partially human. Developed between and , and first exhibited from April 17 to June 21, at the Weisman Art Museum, in Minneapolis, “Natural History of the Enigma” also encompasses a large-scale public sculpture, a print suite, photographs, and other works.

The artist orchestrates the metabolism of these organisms in order to produce his constantly evolving living works. The title of “Move 36” refers to the dramatic chess move made by computer Deep Blue against world champion Gary Kasparov in — a chess match between the best player that ever lived and the best player that never lived. The work includes a plant, especially created for the work, that uses the universal computer code called ASCII to produce a “Cartesian” gene, that is, a translation of Descartes’ ontological statement “Cogito ergo sum” into a gene.

Living Demon Fire Block

In , she moved with her family to Ocala after purchasing a 2-year old filly from OBS and established Turning Point Farm, where they became involved in breeding, training, and racing thoroughbreds. Their very first filly became a stakes winner and the second dam of their most successful racehorse, Delaware Township. Louise and Harry formed Bono Realty and for nearly 20 years specialized successfully in the sale of farms, land, and golf courses.

Now retired from the horse business, they are living quietly on a golf course, where Harry enjoys the game nearly every day. What is your favorite aspect of living in Marion County? First, you have to love how beautiful this county is, from the picturesque horse farms to the pristine rivers, park, biking paths, and golf courses to the mysterious forest and charming small towns outside of Ocala.

Contemporary glass artist Miya Kitamura. Contemporary glass artist Miya Kitamura Valuing beauty in the everyday object By Dasha Klyachko Miya Kitamura was born into a family of traditional ceramic artists in Kyoto and was making ceramics from an early age.

Leave this field empty if you’re human: These activities will elicit discussion about genetics in society through the lens of contemporary art and offer viewers new ways to think about their role in the genetic revolution. The exhibit s , integrated curriculum, and cross-campus dialogues will raise awareness and discussion about biotechnologies and their consequences in our society, while drawing in art practices for reaching new communities. Our project team consists of interdisciplinary scholars and artists from inside and outside NC State.

From the series Specters of the PostNatural. Courtesy of the artist and the Center for PostNatural History. October 30, November 30, Date of notification: January 15, Exhibit dates: Emerging artists, creators who are traditionally underrepresented in the arts and sciences, and artists working outside the U. Shaping our Genetic Futures poses the question: How do artists and designers contribute materially, rhetorically, and conceptually to modern biotechnology?

Perfect Match (1968)

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