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You held your cards tenderly, keeping them poised between your small fingers. His green eyes were dark in the dim light of the bedroom, as he studied the few red and black playing cards in his own grasp. You studied him as he sat in nothing but his black boxer shorts, brown curls falling over his forehead. His skin appeared smooth, and inviting in the glow of the bedside lamp. Leaning over the bed, you reached for your glass of red wine on the nightstand, taking one steadying swig, and resisted the nagging urge you felt, to climb on top of him, and press him firmly to the mattress. Finally, Harry looked back up at you, free hand pinching his lower lip between his thumb and forefinger, in mock concentration.

5 Seconds of Summer

The texts that were sent to Liam kept replaying through your head. Who the hell is Ari and why was she sending him texts like that? Did they hook up?

He looked up to Liam, intent on continuing more of an apology, but his plan was cut short by Liam’s lips on his. Like before, Niall was completely taken aback, but unlike last time Liam pulled away before he had time to respond, much to his disappointment.

One Direction Short Stories Preference: He gets jealous of another guy, but it turns out that guy is your relative. You had been at a restaurant with Zayn, enjoying your meal, until a familiar face showed up next to your table. You jumped up excitedly and gave the unexpected vistor a huge hug, nearly exploding with happiness. After you finally stop hugging him, Zayn defensively stands up next to you and slips his arm around your waist, eyeing the stranger.

How have you been? Zayn stares at you and then back at the stranger, getting more and more jealous by the second. You and Liam were at a party with some friends, enjoying yourselves, and listening to some music. Liam had just sent a taxi for the rest of the boys, considering he was the only sober one out of the bunch. As he returned to your table, he noticed a guy sitting next to you.

1D Preferences #190: You hook up with one of the other boys after a fight… (PART 1)

You hook up with one of the other boys after a fight You roll your eyes and shrug. You give him the middle finger and storm off onto the tour bus, leaving him in the recording studio. You admire Louis’ shirtlessness, he must’ve been getting dressed or something. You shake your head and Louis motions you to come over and he gathers you in a hug.

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This place had stolen your heart from the time you heard about it; providing a magical escape from the pain of a life you withstood before. Neverland was your home, and it had been for quite some time now. You quickly learned all of the ropes of living in Neverland, and were able to hold your own. It seemed that you fit in quite comfortably with Peter and his boys.

They all, despite their distaste of a female being around at first, started to really enjoy having you there. You loved each of them, but Peter especially had your interest. He was mysterious, and charming; mischievous, and witty. He loved a good game; this you had in common. You hated to lose, and seemed to be doing a lot of it when you were around Peter. Anything and everything that you thought, you said.

This resulted in a close friendship between the two of you. That is until she came along. She seemed to pop up out of thin air like a pimple, yet she claimed to be from some place called London. She was just there in the camp one day in her night gown asking one of the boys for some food.

Harry Imagine: You Get Drunk and Hook Up with a Girl in Front of Him (Requested)

You meet through Harry. You knew who he was but the way Harry was decribing him made you interested. You told him how you kinda liked him. He imedietly wanted to hook you guys up but you told him no, that you wanted to meet him and see if hell like you. Harry being the great guy he is ,flies you to the place there. When you get there he introduces you to the 1d boys first and then 5sos.

Niall:Warm fingers tangle around the hook located on your back, hands removing the last piece of clothing away from there’s a devilish smirk spread over his lips, mouth becoming dry. Widened eyes manage to trail up and down your body as he recognize .

As you start to approach it you almost trip on your own feet when you notice who it is, but manage to balance yourself. He looks up from his menu and gives you a very friendly smile. Will he not be serving us tonight? I just thought that other man was very friendly. Louis You had never felt more nervous to be serving customers than you felt right now, approaching the table where your favourite band of all time are sat.

As you head back to their table with the drinks you notice that Louis is watching you pretty intently, but you convince yourself that this must just be wishful thinking.

Should You Hook Up With Zac Efron Or Zayn Malik?

Louis barely gets his sentence out before a sudden clatter of bullets echoes through the room. You hear dozens of people screaming and plates and glasses crashing to the ground. Louis pulls you into him, shielding you with his body. You begin to weep silently, your body shaking in pure terror. But what grasps your attention is the sound of single, heavy footsteps getting closer and closer to you.

The broken glass that carpets the ground crunches as the footsteps continue.

My One Shot (: Hope you guys like it! (A.N. This is my VERY first piece of smut so be kind! Thanks for reading) “Just shut up, Louis! I’m done.” I slam our bedroom door and fling my purse across the.

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Loved You First – A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic (chapter 24)

You and Niall have been dating for about a year now, and everything was going fine. Until tonight, that was. Niall was supposed to be coming over to your flat for dinner, but he arrives drunk off his rocker. Now, usually you don’t mind him being drunk, but it’s your 1 year anniversary and you had everything planned out perfectly. You’re already drunk enough.

“Well, only if you insist,” he says. You nod and wrap your arms around him as you both walk back to his flat. “I’m sorry about all of this,” you say softly, as you both walk up the steps to his place. “It’s okay,” he says, truly meaning it. Niall: “Man, I am so so sorry,” Zayn jumps up and looks at his friend sadly. Niall shakes his head.

Both of you had careers that put you in the light of everyone. You could handle it with Harry at your side though, even when his fans hated on you, which happened often. But when you started to feel sick every morning and gain weight and have weird cravings, you knew everything was about to change. You already knew the answer even before the two pink lines appeared on the test.

Harry sat beside you, his arms tight around you, as you waited for the answer and once it showed, he pulled against his chest, kissing at the side of your head. He stares back at you, his green eyes welling up with tears. You already had tears leaking down your cheeks. We made a baby. You then break into a smile, unable to contain it.

He then breaks into a wide grin and in the next second has you wrapped in his arms and was lifting you up, spinning you around as he laughed. His hands rest on your hips as he gazes at your stomach again. After the initial excitement and shock wore off, the two of you sat on your couch and began to worry.

[207] – you and Niall fight and make up

Top 3 finalists’ charity single — It became the UK’s fastest-selling debut album of , [51] and topped the charts in sixteen countries. The Live Tour , was released in May There was praise for its quality of production, while it was criticised for its generic, rushed nature. Ticket sales reached , within a day of release in the UK and Ireland, which included a six-date sell-out at London’s The O2 Arena.

On 30 May , the band announced a partnership with Office Depot on a limited-edition capsule collection of back to school supplies.

What are the best songs on One Direction’s debut album, “Up All Night”? Check out ‘s track-by-track review of the album before its official U.S. release next week.

Mainly Zarry because they are the ones that get the most booty! There are pictures and videos from these hook ups and some I have seen. I know two stories that are true. One involves Zayn and another involves Harry. We all know those two weeks were a magical, blissful time for the fandom. Now this hook up lasted over a course of two days.

Harry Styles girlfriend: Singer “hooks up” with blonde One Direction fan in Norway

This is a very smutty blog This is my VERY first piece of smut so be kind! His fists are pounding on the door, his voice booming through the wood, but I just roll my eyes. The night went from bad to worse quickly. Her long slender legs and black hair that fell all the way down her back mocked me and my stocky figure. The whole night, her presence tortured me and once we got into the car, I snapped.

Louis Tomlinson Blurb: Big Fight (Part 2) PART ONE (read this before reading part two if you haven’t already). A/N: TWENTY FOUR MESSAGES ASKING FOR THIS SO I HOPE IT LIVES UP TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS CAUSE I HONESTLY WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS MUCH FEEDBACK.

With everything you had you loved him. But it was beginning to not be enough. He would stay out late, and leave early in the morning. It was beginning to effect you. You would sleep less and less, tossing and turning in bed, eventually crying yourself to sleep. You avoided each other, knowing any teeny argument would result in the inevitable: You wanted to make it work. One day, after having enough of the silence, you broke.

You know what I mean. You want to know why? I wanted to see, maybe you would change.

Never Have I Ever with One Direction

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